Many People consider Cholesterol adversely, but it has both a negative and positive impact on our body.

Cholesterol can be found in every cell of the body and without it, our bodies would not work appropriately.

However, Excess of everything is bad. High level of Cholesterol in our bodies creates problems.

High blood Cholesterol, also known as Hypercholesterolemia, is a medical condition that increases the level of bad fats or lipids in the body.

High Blood cholesterol can lead you toward medical condition corneal arcus and xanthoma

Xanthoma: It is a medical condition that causes the growth of fat in our body. This can be anywhere in a body like under the skin of eyelid, back or internal organs such as the stomach).

Corneal arcus: It is a condition in which grayish-white rings are formed around the one or both cornea of eyes. These grayish-white rings are fats or lipids that have framed because of typical maturing or incessantly increasing level of high blood Cholesterol or different lipids.


The most well-known reason for high blood cholesterol is an undesirable way of life or consuming.

In addition to that, genes that you acquire from your folks, other ailments, and a few meds may likewise cause high blood cholesterol.


High Blood cholesterol is diagnosed by a standard test called the Lipid Test.

Once Cholesterol is diagnosed, your specialist may recommend you to change the way of your living, for example, use of low-fat diet, quit smoking and do exercise to reduce the level of cholesterol or to control it.

If It is left untreated then high blood cholesterol can lead you to toward the diseases like atherosclerosis (a disease which builds plaque around Blood vessels), increase the risk of heart attack and heart stroke.

Ways to Control Cholesterol

A few changes in your dieting and way of living can lower down the cholesterol level.

Avoid Trans Fat

Trans fat is a kind of unsaturated fat. They are also called as Trans unsaturated fats.

According to a study, Trans fats increment cholesterol and LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein) know as bad Cholesterol, yet decline advantageous HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) by 20%

Another study of Global Health Pattern; evaluated Trans fats might be in charge of 8% of passing from heart disease around the world.

Trans Fat increases your Cholesterol level. So, elimination of Trans food from your diet can lower down the cholesterol level.

To avoid Trans fat you should read the nutrition label. Sometimes, Trans fat on the food is labeled as “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil”. They are more often used in margarine, Snack food, in cookies bought from the store and for frying fast food.

Add Whey protein

Add Whey Protein

Whey protein is a complete quality protein and is a protein division of whey.

Whey protein is the best supplement that has numerous health benefits.

The Number of studies shows that Whey protein promotes muscle growth, reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, reduces inflammation, helps in weight loss and also helps in the treatment of Diabetes Type II.

In a research, Whey Protein supplement was given to 70 overweight people for 12 weeks. At the 12th week, a significant decrease in the Cholesterol level was noticed.

Eat Soluble Fiber

Eat Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber is a group of various mixes in plants that disintegrate in water and that people can’t process.

The beneficial bacteria also called as Probiotics, that live in intestines process soluble fiber and diminish both unsafe sorts of lipoproteins, LDL (Lower Density Lipoprotein) and VLDL (Very Low-Density Lipoprotein)

A study shows that Consuming of 3 grams of soluble fiber supplements daily for 12 weeks decrease Lower Density Lipoprotein (Bad Cholesterol) by 18%

Soluble fiber helps in reducing cholesterol level as well as controls blood glucose, provides digestive relief and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Some rich sources of soluble fiber are whole grain, Kidney beans, fruits, Lentils, oatmeal, and Brussels sprouts.

Eat Foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid

Omega-3 Foods

Omega-3 fatty acid fats are kinds of polyunsaturated fats that are found in Seafood and Plant-based sources and fish oil Supplements.

Omega-3 fatty fats don’t influence LDL cholesterol.

Other than favorably affecting your lipid profile, omega-3 fats likewise positively affect other facets of your heart health.

Omega-3 fats help in keeping heart rate normal, improve the function of blood vessels, may lower blood pressure and may reduce the inflammation.

Studies have demonstrated that people with coronary disease who devour fish oil may have reduced the threats of sudden death because of cardiovascular diseases.

Omega-3 is found in excessive quantities in foods like salmon, herring, Flaxseeds, tree nuts, and mackerel.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking to Reduce Cholesterol

Stop smoking can benefit the major parts of your body; from the brain to your DNA.

In Pacific Asia, A large study was conducted on thousands of adults. This study concluded that Smoking is connected with decreased HDL (Good Cholesterol) and increased total cholesterol

Stopping smoking improves your HDL cholesterol level.

Stopping smoking won’t only eliminate fatty deposits but it will bring down the cholesterol level and fats coursing in your bloodstream, which will moderate the accumulation of new fatty deposits in blood vessels.

Inside 20 minutes of stopping, your blood circulation pressure and heart rate recover from Spike Caused by the cigarette.

Inside 90 days of stopping, your blood flow and lung functions start to improve.

Within a complete year, your risk of cardiovascular disease is half that of a smoker

Start Exercising

Start exercising to reduce Cholesterol
Start line child in sneakers standing next to a yellow starting line

Exercise not merely improves Physical fitness but also reduces dangerous LDL (Bad cholesterol) and increase HDL (Good Cholesterol).

In a research, Harmful LDL was reduced in 20 overweight women by doing Aerobic exercise for 12 weeks.

Even Exercises like walking, running or jogging also increases HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) and increasing the intensity of these exercises increase the benefits as well.

Resistance exercises (exercises that increases Muscular Endurance and strength) can lower down the level of Low-density Lipoprotein even at a modest intensity.

Benefits of these exercises can be increased by increasing the repetition or number of sets.

Do at least 30-minute exercise 5 times a week or 20-minute aerobic exercises 3 times a week.

Lose Weight

Lose weight & Reduce Cholesterol

Carrying unwanted weight plays it part and increase the Cholesterol level.

Just small changes in your diet plan can stop you from being overweight.

For instance, If you like to drink sugary beverages for refreshment then switch to tap water. If you craving for sweet dishes then you can prefer candies wit low fat.

There are so many ways by which you can lose weight like drink more water, practice control diet and eat vegetable and fruits.

A study that was conducted on 35 young women showed that the creation of new cholesterol was decreased during six months of weight loss.

Adapting the exercises like cover the short distance without vehicles, use of office stairs rather than the elevator and increase the standing activities helps in reducing weight.

Final Verdict

The increasing level of cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. If it left untreated then it can lead you toward sudden death.

As high blood cholesterol level has no specific symptoms. So, it is recommended to do your routine checkup after some specific period of time.

Bring changes in your lifestyle (stop smoking, start exercising, lose weight and follow a healthy diet plan) not only keep you away from high blood cholesterol but also helps in bringing down the cholesterol level.

Sometimes, changes in your lifestyles are not enough to treat high blood cholesterol. Take the medication as the doctor has prescribed.

Combination of both lifestyle changes and medication speeds up the recovery process.






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