20 ways to lose weight

20 ways to lose weight

Your overweight body won’t bother you until no one makes a joke on your overweight or until you don’t have a big event like marriage, proms and graduation ceremony coming ahead. The overweight body makes you look ugly and less effective to perform daily activities efficiently. You feel tired just by doing one or two daily small tasks.

Slim body not only gives you better look but also makes you agile and ignites your self-confidence. Another benefit of reducing weight is it makes your life healthier and keeps you away from dangerous heart diseases. Read more

Exercises to Improve Cardiovascular Endurance

Exercises to Improve Cardiovascular Endurance

If you want to have a fit body than you can’t ignore cardiovascular endurance as it is one of the most important factors of fitness. Cardiovascular endurance means working of heart and lungs together to deliver oxygen to muscles in action for the longer period of time.

While playing sports, cardiovascular endurance plays its vital role especially when it comes to playing long distance sports like a marathon race, running and swimming. Cardiovascular endurance exercises give you a healthy life and keep you away from heart disease like heart attack and heart stroke.

It is necessary to improve your cardiovascular endurance to do routine works efficiently and to live a healthy life.

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5 components of fitness

5 components of fitness

Most of the people want to be looking fit in the modern era. Majority of them think that having sexy looks or lean belly is fit but they take fitness in the wrong context totally. Actually, improving your body muscle, maintain and improving your body health to keep yourself away from cardiovascular diseases, improving the health of your bones and bring flexibility into your body, these all come into fitness context.

Some people seem physical fit but internally they are weak. In fact “Fitness is all about your ability to perform the daily mental and physical task with ease and still has enough power and energy to cope with routine challenges.”

There are many components of fitness but we are going to discuss 5 main components which everyone should possess to call himself a fit person.

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Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides Review

If you are searching on the internet about how to get soft, smooth and wrinkle less skin, get strong body muscle,  want to improve joint health than it is to inform that you have landed at right place.

In this article, we are presenting a single product which can help you to get all the health benefits for which you take different products. Yes, we are talking about Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides.

Have you heard about collagen peptides? If the answer is “No” then don’t worry we are going to discuss each and every detail in this article.

What is Collagen?

Most of the people when thinking about collagen then the first thing that comes in their minds are beauty products. Actually, collagen is more than beauty products. It not only gives you soft and smooth skin but also strengthens your bones, improve your gut, improve the health of your joints and give your hairs a pretty nice look.

In technical term collagen is a most important building block in our bodies and is responsible for making 30% proteins in our bodies. Collagen is a protein that gives solidarity, brings flexibility and regenerates all connective tissues.

In simple words, Collagen is a like a glue that holds things together and gives strength.

What is collagen Peptides?

In biology dictionary, peptide means a small chain of amino acid. Collagen protein is not only made with amino acids but glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine all contribute in the making of collagen protein. Amino acid, glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, and arginine all collectively is responsible for maintaining good health.

Types of Collagen

There are many different types of collagen but most common types of collagen are Type I, Type II and Type III.

  • Type I Collagen is important for maintaining the health of nails, hair, teeth, skin, tendons, bones and organs.
  • Type II collagen is responsible for improving the health of joints and cartilage
  • Type III can be found in skin, bone marrow, blood vessel, and muscle

Most of time Type I and Type III are found together.

Forms of Collagen

Collagen can be found in liquid, powder and tablet forms. It is obtained from ingredients from grass-fed cattle most of the time. It is beneficial for repairing and improving skin, gives strength to your joints. It can also speed up your digestion process. It is helpful for weight loss because of its characteristic of increasing metabolism.

Most people prefer collagen in powder form because it can be easily mixed with your beverages. You can mix it with juices, water, shakes, coffee, and tea. It will not affect the taste and quality of your beverage because it has no flavor.

The Benefits of Collagen

There are many benefits of collagen other than beauty. Let’s talk about them.

Strong hair and nails

Are you worried about weak hair? Are facing the problem of growing nails? Then probably your body is lacking collagen. Collagen supplement helps in growing nail faster and make them harder. Collagen supplement is beneficial for hairs too as it makes your hairs stronger, thick, and long and gives your hairs a shine look.

Bone and joint health

As we grow older we feel pain in joints and find our bones weak that happens because of the aging process. In old ages, our body lacks collagen and we feel pain in moving and doing routine works. Here Collagen supplement plays a vital role and fills out lack spaces of collagen. According to study daily usage level of hydrated collagen leads to strong bones masses.


According to another study, collagen helps in bone formation along with vitamins and minerals. It has also been proven that collagen is effective for treatment of joint pains and osteoarthritis (a disease which occurs due to the breakdown of cushion between joints and as a result you feel pain and swelling).

Build Muscle Masses

Collagen plays a crucial role in building muscle masses in older age in which we lose muscle mass because of the aging process. In addition to that glycine which is an amino acid in collagen gives you enough power to do your routine workouts. What collagen does when we start taking it in the routine workout is concluded in a study.

“According to study which was conducted in 2015 on 53 years old males who were suffering from sarcopenia, a medical condition in which you start losing your muscle because of your old age, those who had started taking collagen supplement got a great muscle strength after 12 weeks.”

Weight Loss

Collagen supplement increases your metabolism and ultimately leads to toward weight loss. Metabolism is responsible for the calories you burn in a day. Increasing in metabolism mean you’ll burn more calories. It doesn’t mean you start taking collagen as weight loss tool. Weight loss is an additional benefit of hydrolyzed collagen.

When we consume energy products we feel full and cut down our need for food because of collagen include in energy products. Collagen also burns extra fats and helps you in achieving lean masses.

Anti-aging Supplement

The aging process is a natural process we can’t stop it but we can minimize its effects on the skin. In old ages, we get rough skin and get wrinkles on skin because of lack of collagen in old age. In addition to that smoking, alcohol and sleeping deprivation act as the catalyst and speed up the aging process and you premature aging even in young age.

As hydrolyzed collagen gives you smooth and soft skin and sucks out skin dryness so it is the best product to choose to minimize aging process effects.

Importance of Collagen

Many health-related problems can occur when collagen level in our body decrease. Decreased level of collagen makes our skin dull and rough. Lacking collagen makes our organs unstable and stop them to work properly. Bones become weak and we feel pain in our joint. Due to the lack of collagen, many cardiovascular diseases like a Heart attack can occur.

So it is necessary to keep maintain your collagen level. Taking school research pure collagen peptides powder is the easiest way to keep maintain collagen level

School Research Pure Collagen Peptides Powder (Hydrolyzed)

There are many collagen peptides products are in the market but school research pure collagen peptides powder is the best one to choose as it derived from 100% grass fed and gives you following benefits.

  • Make your muscles strong
  • Give strength to your bones
  • Give soft and smooth skin
  • Improve your digestion
  • Increase your metabolism and helps you in weight loss
  • Help you to get long, thick, strong and shiny hair
  • Increase the growth of your nails and make them harder
  • Reduce your joint pain

Pros of Collagen Peptides

Recovery from injuries

People who lack in collagen need a lot of time to recover from injuries than those who have increased the level of collagen. Collagen peptide powder speeds up your healing process and gives you strong and healthy bones and joints.

Improve Blood circulation

Blood flow from blood vessels. More flexible vessels are more freely blood can flow. Collagen improves the flexibility of vessels and ultimately prevents you from cardiovascular diseases and helps you to keep your blood pressure normal.

Suitable For every one

Collagen peptides are suitable for everyone no matter at what age you are. People who have allergies from a dairy product, milk, nuts, and grains can also get benefit from this.

It is in Powder form

One benefit of this product is that it is in powder form and can be mix with your daily beverages without changing the taste and quality of your beverages.

Money Back Guarantee

One plus point of school research collagen peptides powder (hydrolyzed) is it offers you a 90-day money back guarantee policy if you feel this product is not working for.

Cons of Collagen Peptides

No Taste

Collagen peptides powder is unflavored so it may a negative point for those people who are expecting flavor.

Need medical Supervision for the better result

Never prefer internet information over professional doctor advice. It is recommended to take medical supervision to get better results.


There are many Collagen peptides supplement are out there but when have narrowed down our research we have come up with one best supplement and that is School research pure collagen peptides powder (hydrolyzed). It helps you in reducing weight, give you smooth skin, reduce your joints pain, stimulate bone formulation, gives strength to your bones and prevent you from cardiovascular diseases.

It is in powder form in the market which increases its demand. It can be easily mix in liquids like juices, water, tea, coffee, and milkshakes. It has no flavor so it doesn’t disturb the taste of your drink.

Its 90-day money back return policy makes it a super hot choice. If you feel that this product is not working for you can return this product and get your money back within 90 days so we are nothing to lose here so, place your order, grab your product at the discounted price and enjoy all the mentioned benefits.



Core Workouts

Core Workouts

Most of people don’t know that performance of our daily activities depends on our core. If our cores are not strong enough we fail to perform daily activities. Numerous study show that Americans spend average 56 hours in a week just sitting which make their cores week and make performing of daily task tougher than they look. This shows importance of strong cores.

It is necessary to give primary focus on making cores strong. Make habit of doing core workouts at home in your idle time. By doing this will not only give your body a perfect shape but also increase your body metabolism, make you agile and prevent you from pack pain.

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How does sugar affect your body

How does sugar affect your body

Most people know about the effect of eating sugar on health. Despite the fact that they are doing and repeating the same mistake of eating sugar in form of candies, chocolates, dairy products, and soft drinks. American’s average sugar usage is 20 teaspoons per day and they are suggested to take 6 and 9 teaspoons for women and men respectively. According to a study, there is a positive correlation between drinking beverages that contain added sugar on daily basis and gaining weight.

Some people who are conscious about eating sugar read nutrition labels but now’s days it has become hard to find sugar in those labels because sugar may be listed in different names like corn syrup, nectar, sugar cane or sucrose.

A study suggested, when you take products that contain added sugar, chances are that you’ll enjoy little nutrition’s benefit and you’ll end increasing your body weight. Most probably you can get involved in diabetes, anxiety, depression and other dangerous diseases.

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Dieting Vs Exercise

Dieting Vs Exercise

We are all familiar with weight-Loss Equation. “Take fewer calories than Burning”. It sounds very simple to hear but practically it is a much harder thing to do. If we narrow down weight loss we come to an end with two things. “Diet and Exercise”. Both are important if you want to lose weight. Although, there is a debate between dieting and exercising, which is more important? Some people prefer dieting over exercise and some people prefer Exercise.

80/20 Formula

Have you ever searched on the internet, which is more important? You’ll be probably come to know an 80/20 formula which tells us that weight loss is a result of 80% of your diet and 20% of your exercise and physical actives.

To shed a 1 pound of weight, you need to take 3500 fewer calories. Now, if we apply 80/20 formula on weight loss, we’ll come to know that you would have to burn 700 calories by exercise and have to cut 2800 calories through your diet.

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