Most of the people want to be looking fit in the modern era.

The majority of them think that having sexy looks or lean belly is fit but they take fitness in the wrong context totally.

Actually, improving your body muscle, maintain and improving your body health to keep yourself away from cardiovascular diseases, improving the health of your bones, and bring flexibility into your body, these all come into fitness context.

Some people seem physically fit but internally they are weak. In fact “Fitness is all about your ability to perform the daily mental and physical task with ease and still has enough power and energy to cope with routine challenges.”

There are many components of fitness but we are going to discuss 5 main components of fitness that everyone should possess to call himself a fit person.

In this article, we are going to discuss core workouts to strengthen your core. So that you can perform daily activities without any difficulties.

Most people don’t know that performance of our daily activities depends on our core. If our cores are not strong enough we fail to perform daily activities.

Numerous study shows that Americans spend an average 56 hours in a week just sitting which make their cores week and make performing of daily task tougher than they look. This shows the importance of strong cores.

It is necessary to give a primary focus on making cores strong. Make habit of doing core workouts at home in your idle time.

By doing this will not only give your body a perfect shape but also increase your body metabolism, make you agile, and prevent you from pack pain.