Dieting Vs Exercise

We are all familiar with weight-Loss Equation. “Take fewer calories than Burning”. It sounds very simple to hear but practically it is a much harder thing to do. If we narrow down weight loss we come to an end with two things. “Diet and Exercise”. Both are important if you want to lose weight. Although, there is a debate between dieting and exercising, which is more important? Some people prefer dieting over exercise and some people prefer Exercise.

80/20 Formula

Have you ever searched on the internet, which is more important? You’ll be probably come to know an 80/20 formula which tells us that weight loss is a result of 80% of your diet and 20% of your exercise and physical actives.

To shed a 1 pound of weight, you need to take 3500 fewer calories. Now, if we apply 80/20 formula on weight loss, we’ll come to know that you would have to burn 700 calories by exercise and have to cut 2800 calories through your diet.

Importance of Meal

Now, it is clear to shed 1 pound we would have to burn 700 calories by exercise. Further, to burn 700 calories we would have to do the ton of exercises. If you choose to run alone instead of doing other exercises, you would have to run 16km in a single day. You’ll do for 1 day, 2 days but on 3 days you won’t be able to keep this up. On the other hand, we can cut our 2800 calories intake by just controlling our diet.

According to Lofton (Director of weight management program at New York University’s Medical Center), People think they would easily lose weight by starting marathon run, no matter how many calories they intake. When they don’t get, they give up.

Dieting vs. Exercise for Weight Loss

According to a report in the journal Systematic Reviews, People tend to lose more weight by changing their diet rather their physical activities. Many studies have proved again and again that exercise alone does not work when it comes to weight loss. Although, both dieting and exercising lead toward better results.

For example, you have invested your 65 minutes on cycling. You are feeling hungry. You go home and find pizza on your table. You think I have done cycling; it is no harm to eat 2 slices of it. You don’t know that you are wasting your effort because 560 calories in 2 slice of pizza are equal to 65 minutes of cycling.

Burning Calories Approach

To shed one pound of weight in a week, you would have to burn 3500 calories. Its mean you would have to burn 500 more calories than intake. Take 2000 calories and burn 2500 calories in a day to reduce weight up to 1 pound in a week.

If you go to the gym and don’t see an improvement. Its mean your calories intake and calories burned are equal. To burn more calories you’d have to give extra time in the gym.

What should you Eat

Talking low calories doesn’t mean you completely cut off your diet. Its mean eat only those foods that are low in calories. Only include foods that increase your Metabolism and help your body to burn fat.

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Diet VS Exercise: Final Words

Exercises are come in handy if you are thinking to build your body in shape. But in the case of weight loss, you can’t adopt exercises as a body management strategy. According to Mathenny, Combination of diet and exercise are the best strategy in weight loss mission.

It is possible to lose weight with diet only but you can do exercise along diet to get a long-term result. Always follow 80/20 rule. Focus on your diet first as it is a major thing in losing weight than go for exercises for achieving better results.







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